May’s testimony: finding purpose in Christ!

“I didn’t get to know Jesus until I moved to Canada 17 years ago, I started an ESL class at Forest Grove Community Church a month after my arrival, this was the start of my faith journey.


At ESL class I met a very nice Christian couple who had just retired from their missionary work overseas. They hosted a Bible study once a week for international students at their house near the University so I started my regular Bible study with them and also attended Sunday ESL class and service at Church. I was filled with curiosity in learning all about Jesus! My new life in Canada became so exciting as I found out all of these promises that God has given to me and that God had a plan for my life! The only thing I need to do is trust Him.


As I learned more about Jesus, I felt I was drawn closer and closer to Him. As my faith grew deeper, my worries about starting a new life in this country and the unknown future started fading. The love and peace I found in Jesus got me through all the difficulties and challenges I was facing in settling down in this new environment. Studying a new language, fitting into a new culture, learning a new skill and making new friends all became exciting instead of challenging. Knowing Jesus was with me and guiding me on this new path gave me great courage and confidence for each step I took and each choice I made on the journey of my new life in Canada.


Growing up in an atheist country, I was taught to be self-reliant and self-sufficient and I was working hard to become independent, but I never gained the confidence and courage on my own like I did when I trusted Jesus and surrendered myself to Him as my guide on this life journey. I saw a brighter and wider path, obstacles became opportunities, the noise in my head quieted down. I could focus better on working towards fulfilling His plan for my life.


God has fulfilled my desire to share the experience of my spiritual journey along with my new life in Canada. He has given me opportunities to meet international students who come to my husband’s research program every year and by volunteering to help new immigrant families get settled.


God has a plan for each of us! Getting to know Jesus and accept Him as our personal Saviour will open the door for us to step out and begin the journey and the Holy Spirit will affirm and guide us along the way, it’s a journey full of joy!”

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  1. When I was dropped unjustly from my job in 2013, I encountered depression that caused an immune system disorder, a nervous system breakdown that ignited into loss of coordination. After living on one CD4 count cell, I finally died and got reszurected by Gods Grace
    In retrospect I realized that God granted me a lot of favors. I believed that arrested and convicted me to death to realize his goodness.
    I have accepted him as my lord and savior because he died on the cross for my sins and rose from the death. I testified Gods inner workings in my life in the book, The role of divine Providence in my life; why I’m a Christian Visit

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