Live with precision

Melissa beamed as she told me about the children recently sponsored through Compassion Canada. She works for Compassion, an organization that connections people and the church around the world to end poverty in the life of a child, in Jesus’ name.

Although Melissa’s job is to connect sponsors to children living in poverty across the globe, she recognizes the spiritual poverty of anyone who feels they are inferior or insufficient – or who believes what they have is inferior or insufficient. Poverty doesn’t mean to lack money, it means to lack Jesus.

For Melissa, releasing people from poverty, which is the mission of Compassion, brings freedom to the sponsor and the child receiving sponsorship. It’s not about a money exchange – it’s about the heart transformation that is made possible through relationship. But it’s not the sponsorship relationship that is truly transformative – it’s the relationship rooted in God’s love that can truly root out poverty – from both hearts.

Growing in relationship with God is hard to measure. How do we know if we are changing? How do we truly let the love of God change and transform us? With practice.

My piano teacher used to say, practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. My hours at the piano were actually quite futile if I didn’t implement effective techniques. There was no growth and no change.

We can’t be perfect, but we can be precise. Our efforts are maximized when we live with precision. This is true for all of life – but especially our love. What does it mean to practice love with precision? Every day we are giving away our affections to something. To love with precision means to love God first and to put His love into daily practice.

Before leaving our conversation, Melissa’s eyes glistened with tears as she recounted stories of hopeless mama’s finding purpose for their lives and provision for their little ones through Compassion. At that moment, it was so clear, that it is people like her, who practice precise love and experience genuine growth and transformation – who are the richest of all.

Kaitlyn Cey

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