One day at a time

“I wanna know what Love is. I want you to show me.”

A song on the radio plays in the background.   Relationships always measuring their worth on what “this love is.”

Then, when the other person treats you with disrespect, the lies of the enemy will creep in telling you that you are unworthy, unacceptable, ashamed, unloveable – never amounting to nothing.

1 John 2:28:  “…and now Little children, remain in Him, so that when he appears, we may have confidence & not be ashamed before Him when He comes.”

The relationship that needs to be solidified in this world is the one that really matters — God.  One must take the time to know Him, just like in any other relationship. You must show him your affection in Praise & worship with a heart of thanksgiving. There are times to bare your soul & empty all your disappointments out to Him and there are times to come clean before Him. It all takes trust.

Don’t allow your past worldly relationships to tell you how God loves you. Simply take the time to get to know Him and allow Him to show you His love. There lies the secret of being secure in His Love. Then, if another person rejects you, you don’t need to measure your worth on their actions or words. Love equals time. Get to know God!

– Jeannie Pewapisconias

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