Hearing God through the noise

To live by faith, we must tune into the voice of the Father. Everywhere we go there is constant noise. We continually hear the noise of the world and culture around us, our own insecurities and fears,  and the demands of life.

In the midst of all the noise, our Heavenly Father is speaking to us.  Unfortunately, we don’t hear what He is saying because we are not tuned into His frequency.  We need to tune out the noise and learn how to tune into His voice.

“My sheep listen to My voice; I know them, and they follow Me.” John 10:28

As we learn to quiet the noise around and within, we will begin to hear the voice of our Father. Set time apart in your day to seek Him through His Word and prayer.  The more intimately we know someone the more readily we recognize their voice. As we grow in relationship with our Heavenly Father, His voice will become more and more distinct.  May we learn to clearly identify  the voice of our Father and respond with faith ready to follow wherever He leads.

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