What does it mean to live brightly?

What does it mean to be bright?

We’ve all lived in darkness. What? It’s true, before we said yes to Jesus, we lived in darkness.  Darkness meaning not knowing the saviour, being separated from His light.

Recently, oceanographers have found animals that live deep in the ocean where there is no light.  These animals don’t have eyes like you and I.  Why? Because eyesight can’t help them. They use their touch senses to move and sense prey.  Before we were saved we lived like these animals, unable to see clearly.  It was only when I said yes to Jesus that I realized how blind I was.

When I said yes to Jesus, I remember how everything shone around me, the grass, trees, flowers and birds began to shine.  I never saw this the day before.  The same walking trail I took day after day. The day before, seemed dull in comparison to the day I got saved. On that day I saw a glow around the plants and animals, it was amazing.  I knew this glow came from heaven.  Jesus was telling me He was close.

Do you live in the dark, walking around not noticing how God is shining everywhere?

The best part of shining is that God uses me to shine through.  You see He pulled the darkness off my eyes and opened them to see Him.  He put His light in me, that’s why I could see Him all over.

When His light comes to you, you see differently.  He takes the everyday and makes it brilliant in colour. Jesus wants to shine His brightness all around you.

Today, I encourage you to ask Jesus into your heart so you too can see differently.  You then will be able to see His brilliance shine on everything.

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