When darkness tries to take over…

I had just arrived at a family life conference where I would be speaking. God had given me a good word on how to pray through to victory for impossible situations. I grabbed my purse, my coffee, and my cell phone as I got out of the car and then I noticed  a notification on my phone from my dearest and oldest friend from high school. Even though I was a little bit late, I thought to check on it as I knew her mother had been very ill. As I read the first few words of her text, I suddenly gasped and burst into tears. “I’m off social media grid for a bit. We need to call down heaven on behalf of my son…He has been incarcerated for 2nd degree murder. We believe he is innocent. Please PRAY, PRAY, PRAY.”

Within a moment, I was reduced to a sobbing mess as I tried to text her back through my tears. This was a very dark moment. Even my breathing seemed to go into slow motion. I had watched her kids grow up. This couldn’t possibly be true. The first moments hit me like a black, devastating storm. Fear began gripping my soul…2nd degree murder? I knew I couldn’t let it take over but I felt an ominous sickening feeling. Verses started coming to my mind that I was about to speak on. As fast as I could think, I started talk texting every Scripture I could remember, even those scriptures I had relied on during my own very personal trials. I reached for my Bible and flipped it open as fast as I could and began reading every sentence out loud into my ‘voice to text’  with tears streaming down my face. With every word I spoke, the darkness started dissipating. I recalled the verse I had known since I was a child, “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light to my path.” This path was a mess and it definitely needed light because we couldn’t see what was going to happen and only God could fix this.

As the darkness was being illuminated by the lamp of the immutable Word of God, I could not only see but I could also experience deep in my soul how the light dissipates the darkness. Evil does not overcome good, but rather, with the power of the Holy Spirit, God’s word, and our faith in who He is, our journey is illuminated by His power. The next few days involved the non-stop declaration of the power and the Word of God over this situation. I could not stop thinking about it and I could not stop praying about it. I found verses that would give light in this dark crisis even though we had no idea what lay ahead for my friend’s son. As details of the stabbing death came out over the next few days on media, together we declared Psalms 23, “Even though I walk through the darkest Valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me, your rod and your staff they comfort me.”

The process of this crisis is ongoing and it remains to be seen how God will reveal his purpose in all of this , but the light has been shone on our hearts and we know that whatever was meant for evil will be turned to good . That is the power and the hope that we have in the Living God who will not leave us or forsake us… ever!

With love in Christ,

Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson

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  1. The God of grace and mercy knows everything. and especially a mothers heart. A tough time, but leaning on God and faithful friends will help lighten this heavy load. God can do the impossible.

  2. The God of mercy and grace knows everything, especially a mothers heart. This is a tough time, but leaning on God and faithful friends will help lighten this heavy load. God can do the impossible.

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