Is there a roadmap to peace?

During the Christmas festivities, we hear a lot about peace. Christmas cards, decorations, songs, and even wrapping paper might all have that famous word. Yet, many people do not have peace. There is an internal struggle stealing our peace. Stress, worry, anger, hurt, relational issues, and more can all affect this peace. As Christians, we don’t have to let peace be a distant dream. Here is how we can have peace:

Isaiah 26:3

You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!

Isaiah sums it up perfectly. Peace is not something that we attain, it’s a place where we are kept. God keeps us in His perfect peace. This is such a relieving thought. We don’t have to rearrange our lives or take drastic measures just to find peace.

If peace is a place, then Isaiah has just given us a roadmap to find it. It starts by trusting in God! That sounds simple but how many times do we worry and stress about things because we are trying to do everything in our own strength? I know that in my life, I need to put my trust in God instead of in what I can do. Secondly, we need to fix our thoughts on God. We spend a lot of time in our minds preparing for each day and trying to figure out if everything is going to work out. We should stop that pattern. Instead of spending countless hours thinking on how we can or cannot do the tasks ahead, we should spend hours dwelling on the goodness of God. The more we think about how incredibly our God is, the more we realize that He will work everything out for our good. Lastly, the result of our travels will land us smack dab in the middle of peace. Before we can even realize, we will have left our days of stress and worry behind for days of peace!

I want to conclude by encouraging you to start your journey to peace using Isaiah’s roadmap. Get out your journal and begin to write out your experiences on this journey. When you find that place of peace, make a large note of it in your journal. But, don’t let the journey stop there! Search out the Scriptures and broaden your map even more! Once you find peace, the journey continues as you walk out your days in that place of peace.

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